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Awarded – Best Implementation
Crowd Voted – Best Design

  • Role: Programmer, Team Lead
  • Tools Used: Unity, Blender, Unity Timeline
  • Team Size: 4

Description: Despair³ is a puzzle platformer where gravity changes periodically, though always in a pattern. The prompt for this game jam was “Supernatural”, which our team interpreted as “things happening outside of your control.” The game is very simple, though surprisingly silly and frustrating.


Best Overall Game – 49 Hour Game Jam, UNC Charlotte, NC

  • Role: Designer, Team Lead, Music
  • Tools Used: Unity, Blender, Mad Tracker 2, MK Glow Free, Text Mesh Pro
  • Team Size: 2

Description: Control is an experimental 2D platformer that starts on a commandline interface. The game was built for a game jam with the prompt “Space”, so I thought it would be interesting to play with the idea of negative space, similar to how Scribblenauts interprets the idea. Our goal was to give as many commands to the player as we could during the 49 hour game jam.

Cube Party

Awarded – Best Implementation
Crowd Voted – Best Design

  • Role: Designer, Team Lead, Teacher
  • Tools Used: Unity
  • Team Size: 6

Description: Cube Party is a game designed to challenge players to all work together towards a common goal. The game was built to be played with 4 hands on one keyboard (while it can be played with 4 PS3 controllers, the keyboard seems to be more fun). Each player is given a cube to control with special abilities, notated by the cube’s color.

Players must figure out how to solve the puzzle together and then work together to execute the solution. The goal of each level is for one member to reach the pickup. Each level is unique and requires teamwork and communication between the players.

Color Breakdown
GreenStandardDouble Height
PurpleStandardStandardCan freeze in place
PinkStandardNoneDrops from a spawn location
BlueOnly forwards / backwardsNone
OrangeOnly left / rightNone
WhiteStandardStandardPassively glowing light
The RoomRotates 90° left/rightN/A